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Speeded up paintjob of everyone’s favourite bald lass… Tank Girl

Finished image can be seen here -

Enjoy my cack handedness! :)


Print the Legend - Trailer (2014)

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Instameet Mexico 2014.

This past 14th and 15th I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most talented Mexican Instagrammers. With over 80 people attending, I’d say it was a huge success! Thank you, instagram, for making all these connections possible. If it weren’t for this amazing app, these people would possibly have never met.

Here’s to showing the world what an amazing and talented the Mexican Instagram community is.



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Just wanted to post some shots of the nagirei doujinshi from my twitter from the last week or so. Almost done… *w*

You can preorder your copy of Metamorphosis! a nagirei fanbook here! I’m giving out free pdf versions to all preorders~ The pdf should be ready by the end of september!

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Antoine Olivier Pilon, Anne Dorval, Suzanne Clement and director Xavier Dolan on set for Mommy (2014)

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Even if everyone else hates the wolf, I’ll take the wolf’s side.

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Vintage Color Photographs of Women at Work, 1939-1945

Did someone say “girl power?” See more photographs here: